Making Connections

We started making our own ABCs to go around the room, to work on fine motor skills as well as literacy. In our class we have some children with different abilities and one child has visual issues, so I decided to do something fun with our alphabet and include braille.

I contacted my friend who has a company creating cool shirts and stickers to support kids who wear glasses, and I got myself a t-shirt with braille ABCs and it became something fun, and really included the children with sensory issues, as they were able to become much more tactile with the alphabet.

Then, the children began connecting the idea of braille into other concepts, asking if there were ABCs for people who couldn’t hear. They know some sign language, but had never made that connection before.

A child was playing with the dollhouse, and he brought over a woman, and a seeing eye dog and said “This lady can’t see, so her helper dog takes her to get coffee. They have the special ABCs there, so she can read the kind of coffee she wants with her fingers.”

A is for Ada Lovelace, B is for Bainbridge Island, C is for Carpenter

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